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VersaPile supports central Canada's vital infrastructure including the utility, telecommunications, industrial, heavy agricultural, commercial, institutional, municipal and large residential sectors. Our customers have high expectations for safety and they expect professionals with professional results. When helical piles make sense for projects that matter in Manitoba and northern Ontario, VersaPile is the most trusted, experienced and capable piling contractor.

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Engineered Solutions for High Capacity Residential - $1M+ Single Family Homes, Multi-Family Projects and Apartment Blocks

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Stop Waiting For Concrete Foundations Do More Jobs in Less Time With a Faster, Easier, Engineered Foundation Solution

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Supporting Indigenous Contractors Build Foundations for the Community That Will Last For Generations

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About Us

VersaPile are Central Canada's Helical Pile Experts

Since 2011, VersaPile has been installing tens of thousands of helical piles all over Manitoba and beyond into NW Ontario and Saskatchewan. Our project wheelhouse includes transmission lines, substations, wireless tower construction, pipeline support, oil and gas construction, multi-family and mid-rise residential, warehouses, commercial retail units (CRU), municipal infrastructure and more.

From 5,000 lbs to 480,000 lbs capacity helical piles, VersaPile has the local experience and technical expertise to assist you on important projects - big or small.

With ISNetworld, Avetta and COR certification VersaPile is a Manitoba based piling contractor which checks all the boxes to work on nearly any commercial or industrial site.

We specialize in helical piles with full-stack engineering in place; VersaPile is who you call when you need serious support. Although we believe in engineering helical piles for each unique project we are CCMC certified with various brands of helical piles. No matter the project we leverage our local expertise to design, source and install the best helical pile solution to satisfy your unique project needs.

Helical Piles

Key Benefits

Reliable performance

VersaPile Inc. is very well known for its adherence to universally acknowledged principles for designing and installing helical piles. Our projects generally include a full engineering stack including engineer stamped close out letters.

Less mess to install

Helical piles typically are installed without any pre-drilling (even in the winter) and turned into the ground similarly to a screw into wood. The result is a very clean project site without any spoils. Pile caps are typically welded direct to the pile shaft which also means you avoid excavation around piles for capping.

Quiet and ultra-low vibration install

Helical piles are installed by screwing the pile into the soil, it is a very peaceful process when compared to driven pile alternatives. Helical pile installation does not create vibrations which could impact below ground infrastructure or nearby structures and the equipment used for installation is generally smaller and less impactful.

Lower cost mobilization

Typically, there are significant mobilization savings since helical pile require much smaller equipment; there are no massive pile rigs sitting on-site for weeks. Rural and remote site construction which is typically subject to high mobilization costs for traditional piling can often realize significant savings with the more efficient mobilization of helical piles and helical pile installation equipment.

Winter friendly piling

Avoid costly winter construction timelines and added expenses. High capacity helical piles are robust and installed with equipment large enough to efficiently advance piles through frozen ground. As mechanical piles, there is no need for heating, hoarding or curing time - helical piles are ready to support or anchor structures immediately.

Faster to install

Helical piles are typically installed without predrilling and continuously advanced into the ground with high torque anchor drives - we have the province's most capable equipment and can install up to 40ft sections of piles with the ability to instantly load the piles.

Flexibility to install anywhere

VersaPile is heavily invested in a stable of equipment that allow our teams to install piles nearly anywhere. From inside existing structures to working in tight access or with overhead restrictions, we have been there and installed that. VersaPile is well known for completing tough access projects in a timely and cost effective manner.

Safe for work sites

VersaPile views safety as part and parcel with efficiency and lean construction practices. The more we invest in working safely through planning, debriefing and the right equipment, the more efficient our work and our ability to compete. VersaPile is ISNetworld, Avetta and COR certified.

A fraction of the CO2 emissions

When compared with traditional concrete piles on a CO2 impact, the much lighter option of helical piles means a reduction of 80%+ on greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). The more nimble equipment, efficient transportation and elimination of concrete trucks, further reduces emissions. Choosing helical piles can mean 5% to 25% of the the CO2 emissions of traditional concrete piles. Ask us about our geothermal helical piles and greatly reduce the GHG emissions of the structure being supported!

Fully remediate the project site

Helical piles can be efficiently uninstalled to achieve an affordable full remediation of the project site. Helical piles can often be reinstalled for re-purposing or recycled as an environmentally friendly end of life option. Often, owners of communications towers or transmission lines projects built on leased land can lower the lease cost with a promise of remediation.

We are here to help

Frequently asked questions?

What are helical piles?

A helical pile is an engineered deep foundation that consists of a shaft with one or more true and carefully controlled pitch helices. A helical piles is installed below active soils to bear in stable and capable soils which allow it to support and/or anchor structures of any type. Invented in the 1830's, helical piles have a long history and proven engineering pedigree. To learn more about helical piles, Stan Higgins of VersaPile wrote this article for the Structural Engineering Basics website:

Can helical piles be used for small and large projects?

Manitobans often have a narrow view of helical piles as they are sometimes confused as being the same as a ground anchors sold at department stores for decks - these are not helical piles and they are and should always be limited to low capacity decks and such. VersaPile only installs helical piles which have a long engineering history and strong pedigree. Helical piles have been installed and tested to well over 5,000kN (1.1M lbs) capacity and used confidently worldwide for both small and large projects. VersaPile is equipped to install helical piles to more than 2,135kN (480,000 lbs), when installed to refusal we can achieve higher loads and are capable of load testing to 3,559kN (800,000 lbs) - this means we can support large structures on single piles and massive structures using pile groupings.

How fast can you help me with my project?

We often are contacted with customers who just found out their site is experiencing sloughing soils or that there is a high water table and that cast-in-place piles are no longer a desirable option - these folks need a quick solution. VersaPile prides itself on being very efficient to get to customers in a timely manner. We keep a good inventory of typical piles for typical projects, such as a new home or commercial retail unit (CRU) and can often mobilize in days. Custom piles can be turned around in as little as two weeks. A typical timeline from receipt of a purchase order (P.O.) is two to four weeks for us to receive as well as complete the installation of engineered helical piles.

Can you create custom pile adapters for my project?

Absolutely. We have had hundreds of unique pile caps engineered and tailored to the unique needs of a wide range of projects. Having worked with thousands of customers in Manitoba and NW Ontario we can help you select a pile cap that has been known to perform as well as make the following steps in the building process more efficient. It's also important to note that pile caps are generally welded directly to a helical pile and that, unlike driven precast piles, helical piles don't require a poured pile cap which requires careful, messy and time consuming excavation around pile shafts.

Do helical piles meet building code?

Yes. VersaPile has always been successful in helping navigate the notoriously difficult to navigate City of Winnipeg to achieve permit approvals. Helical Piles have been benchmarked against Canada's National Building Code by the Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) in the their Helical Piles Foundation Design Guide. The key to getting permit approvals is a well documented engineering stack prior to and following the installation of helical piles. VersaPile Inc. has an excellent network of engineers in Manitoba and across Canada in both the geotechnical and structural fields to facilitate a tight engineering stack. Our team can also assist you in converting a cast-in-place pile or precast driven pile or other pile to a helical pile foundation - as well as provide geotechnical recommendations, if the soils are conducive to helical piles, when the geotechnical engineer of record is not familiar with or confident designing helical piles.


Taking pride in our customers success.

Standing behind our work and ensuring that our customers are 100% satisfied.

Todd Hallson

President, Vantage Builders

What a pleasure it was working with Stan Higgins and his VersaPile team. It is refreshing to deal with a firm that does what they say they are going to do. On time, on budget and a follow up call to confirm that we are pleased.