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VersaPile is Manitoba owned and operated. Our friendly, helpful staff is ready to assist you with your foundation needs.

VersaPile will supply and install piles for your project with an innovative and economic solution based on local experience with Manitoba soils. VersaPile is a proud company. Just like the rest of our clients, you'll want to hire us again.

The VersaPile approach

VersaPile provides engineered solutions and uses a network of local and national engineers with expertise in helical piles. Geotechnical engineers help recommend piles to suit the soils while structural engineers review and seal our designs.

Some helical pile contractors bypass or avoid geotechnical engineering, relying on torques. VersaPile is not a typical helical pile contractor, based on our experience and load testing piles, we put a high value on geotechnical engineering. We design piles using 3 to 4 geotechnical models depending on soil conditions. Site specific soils data puts torque readings into perspective and position torque as a reliable quality control method.

We always welcome engineers on-site to supervise installations or on-site confirmatory load tests; transparency breeds trust.

VersaPile is certified with various CCMC certified helical pile installers.

Our approach however is to utilize universally accepted engineering principles outlined in the manuals "Helical Piles - A Practical Guide to Design & Installation" by Howard A. Perko and the Deep Foundation Institute's (DFI) Helical Pile Foundation Design Guide. The two manuals below are more conservative in their approach vs the manufacture specific engineering in CCMC reports which are based on limited testing. If we were to use a manufacture's helical pile where the CCMC report were more conservative than those outlined in the manuals, we would adopt the more conservative approach.