Stan Higgins: Owner/Founder

When Stan founded VersaPile Inc. in 2011 he saw helical piles as an opportunity to do what he does best...disrupt the status quo. Stan identified two key areas in which he could make a positive difference in the piling industry and built VersaPile to be the gold standard of foundation companies.

1) Stan is a firm believer that the experience of trying to get piles installed for your project should be easy and straightforward. In other words installing piles should not suck. Stan has taken this idea and modeled VersaPile around it. That is why VersaPile handles all jobs with precise care. From our biggest client to the smallest, our expert installers will show up on time and complete the work efficiently and effectively. Leaving behind no mess, only perfectly installed laser-leveled piles.

2) Stan's other goal is to bring stability to less than stable soils, in order to ensure structures don't move they must have a reliable long-lasting foundation. Stan continues to be an outspoken voice for the further regulation of helical piles and hopes that they will be the standard foundation for new structures in the near future.

Stan, an Indigenous entrepreneur, is highly passionate about improving the state of Indigenous housing in Canada. He believes that the lack of a solid, movement free foundation, manifests into major structural issues, mold, deterioration and generally unhealthy and unsafe homes. Stan created the First Foundations program to equip and train Indigenous Peoples to install helical piles in accordance with best practices and generally accepted engineering principles.

In addition to all of this, Stan is an active member of Entrepreneur's Organization, seeks mentors in all areas of work and life and enjoys crushing calories on the ice, field or sport to compensate for the pints shared with family, friends, colleagues and customers.

Moses Rodriguez: Engineer-in-Training Civil, BSCE

With almost 8 years of experience in engineering construction and management, Moses has both the skills and the understanding to succeed in the industry. His strong work ethic and educational background, acquired both locally and internationally, make Moses a vital member of our team. On top of that, Moses is a great guy who is always a pleasure to have around the office.

James Cowan: Operations Assistant

James joined our team in September of 2020. Previously having worked in the security and hospitality industries of Scotland, James was ready to give the construction industry a go upon his return to hometown Winnipeg. James is our scheduling wizard and he ensures that our installation team gets to site on time and ready to pile. Fun fact about James, he enjoys long walks by the seaside.

Gary Mair: Sales Manager

Gary has been with VersaPile for 4 years, making him our longest tenured management member. A carpenter by trade, Gary previously owned Probuilt construction, a highly respected Winnipeg-based construction company that specialized in decks and fences for over 17 years. Gary decided to come aboard VersaPile's team because he saw an opportunity to increase the awareness of alternative foundations. These alternative foundations, such as helical piles have been proven to be successful in other provinces and countries across the globe. Gary is passionate about furthering the integration of helical piles into structures across Manitoba and now focuses his efforts into the commercial sector. Gary is always willing to share his expertise with coworkers, his wisdom and enthusiasm are both major assets to everyone in the office. A great person to have a conversation with, if you get the chance to connect with Gary whether it be about piles or life in general, you'll be sure to learn something.

Paul Glawson: Operations Manager

Paul joined our team in 2019 and was highly sought after due to his extensive experience in the construction industry. With 24 years of experience in construction including a vast knowledge of heavy machinery, Paul is a perfect fit as our Operations Manager. Paul ensures that every job runs smoothly and is completed to VersaPile standards. In his free time Paul enjoys hunting, fishing and the outdoors.

Debbie Cowan: General Manager

Debbie joined the team in July 2020 after moving to Manitoba from Scotland. Debbie's extensive experience in accounting, finance and business have allowed her to shine in her position here at Versapile. Debbie is a hard worker and always finds a way to get things done, her cheerful personality and determination makes her a role model around the office. When she's not fighting for us Debbie enjoys perfecting her martial arts, where she has earned her black belt.

April Sutherland: Finance & Admin Assistant

As our team's newest addition beginning with VersaPile in June 2021, April is off to a great start. With a background in medical admin and finance, coupled with a thorough understanding of the construction industry (due to her husband being in the field for over 20 years), April is able to use her unique expertise to excel in her position. When she's not in the office April enjoys traveling and outdoor activities like camping, golfing and swimming. Like the rest of us here, April is also a huge hockey fan.