Helical piles are the favourable foundational choice for high voltage power lines.

Transmission Lines carry high voltage electricity across their network, if a Hydro Line were to ever fall it would pose a serious risk to the public. Since this is the case it is extremely important that all transmission lines be firmly secured to the ground, this is one of the main reasons why helical piles are the favourable foundational choice for high voltage power lines. Helical piles are an engineered solution that is easy to load test, this means that you can get an accurate measurement of how much weight your foundation can support. When it comes to public safety, having this knowledge is crucial.

Helical piles are also much less disruptive than friction piles and don't require time to cure, this allows the construction process to be expedited.

In situations where many transmission towers must be built in rapid succession helical piles are not only a great way to ensure structural integrity is met, they also ensure efficiency standards are met as well.

When it comes time to take down transmission lines you'll be glad that you built them on helical piles. The design of helical piles makes them easy to remove, leaving minimal damage to the surrounding environment. Other foundation options can be messy and oftentimes leave irreversible damage on the environment.

To date Versapile has completed a number of projects with Manitoba Hydro. We are excited to continue our working relationship with Manitoba's largest electricity provider and foster new partnerships with other companies.