Subcontracting your foundation repair to VersaPile means a complete long-term solution - not a band-aid repair.

If you have a structure in need of a foundation repair, VersaPile has solutions to underpin, stabilize and lift and level a house, deck, cottage, sunroom, porch, home addition, commercial structure, pipeline supports... just about anything!

Tricky foundation repair? VersaPile has installed thousands of helical piles under existing structures. VersaPile Inc. - Helical Piile Contractors can safely and easily stabilize your structures, saving them from complete foundation failure. With the unique design of a helical screw pile, and our ability to engineer and fabricate nearly any custom adapter, VersaPile can stabilize a wide range of structures and projects. And, because helical piles can be installed almost anywhere with minimal equipment, they minimize disturbance to the existing structure.

Getting a subcontracted VersaPile installed helical screw pile foundation for your deck or patio project is easy.

Contact our friendly and helpful team and tell us about the structure that needs help. Our experts will quote you on the perfect stabilizing or underpinning solution to repair your foundation once and for all. After that we will work on engineering your solution and then schedule an install date. Our professional crews will show up on-time with smiles ear to ear to install helical piles to support your structure.