A better option

Benefits of helical piles

Traditional foundations, like concrete cast-in-place piles, are prone to failure in the frigid temperatures of a Manitoba winter. Frost and ice cause foundations to shift, crack, and heave. Over time, this can lead to the complete failure of your foundation. VersaPile Inc's selection of helical piles are the faster, easier, reliable foundation.

VersaPile's carefully selected Helical Piles not only go in the ground faster and easier than concrete, they're engineer-approved and ready to use immediately after install. That means no more waiting for concrete to cure.

Compared to traditional foundations, Helical Piles are:

  • Highly resistant to frost and ice
  • Easier to install (no loud, messy equipment needed)
  • Faster to install
  • Less mess to install (no excavation required)
  • Able to be installed nearly anywhere (even underwater)
  • Installed with no damage to your yard
  • Eco-friendly (they can be re-used)

Engineering excellence

Is there a difference between helical piles, screw piles, ground anchors and whatever else you might call those "screw in the pile thingies?"

Yes! We view "screw pile" as a generic term used to describe a steel pile that is turned in the ground. Within the world of screw piles there are helical piles, ground anchors, augured piles and ground screws. A helical pile, is the most reliable of the bunch.

A helical pile is designed in accordance with helical pile engineering principles. There are extensive engineering manuals based on extensive testing conducted on helical piles which does not exist with other "screw pile" options.

This means we can install helical piles in accordance with 185 years of cumulative engineering pedigree and empirical engineering principles. Helical piles installed by helical pile nerds, like VersaPile, are your best bet for foundation performance.

Innovative design

What are helical piles?

Pile caps and adapters

A wide range of pile adapters and caps are available to fit most common foundation configurations. We can also create custom pile adapters to fit your requirements! From wood posts and beams to concrete gradebeams or insulated concrete forms (ICF), a helical pile can support and secure to any structure, making them a versatile foundation.

Pile shaft

VersaPile, Inc. offers round shaft helical piles. To date, we have not found a project that would benefit from a square shaft pile. All pile shafts consist of new steel which conforms to the CSA's general requirements for rolled or welded structural quality steel.

Postech Screw Piles, a brand we love to install, features a unique insulated shaft that offers additional resistance to frost heave.

In Manitoba, we prefer a 10ft shaft to ensure the helical is anchored well below our up to 8ft frost line.

Helical blade

The helical is what provides the incredible weight-capacity of a helical pile. Because every helical pile we install satisfies design criteria for generally accepted, universal principles for helical pile design and installation, we can install helical piles to perform like no other foundation can. All helical blades should have a perfectly controlled pitch and leading and trailing edges parallel to one another.

Faster, easier and no mess

Professional install of helical piles for just about any foundation requirement.

There are numerous advantages to choosing a helical pile for decks, patios and so many more foundation requirements and below is an example of a Versapile professional install of helical piles for a deck in Winnipeg with really tight access.

Taking care of our customers

Our team at VersaPile makes you priority number one from start to finish. Work with us to install helical piles for your project and you'll get:

  • Expert installers that show up on time and ready to work
  • Experience installing tens of thousands of helical piles throughout Manitoba and NW Ontario for a wide range of projects
  • A foundation that has a verified capacity on install
  • An engineer-approved foundation that meets all codes
  • A foundation that installs in hours, not days
  • A foundation strong as concrete, without the mess
  • The ability to build sooner, do more jobs, and make more money
  • Get in touch with us today, and start making more money with a helical pile foundation installed by VersaPile's Friendly Certified team

Hire us

Foundation sub-contracting made easy

1. Contact us

When you call, we answer. No endless ringing or answering machine frustrations. Tell us about the project, and we'll get you an estimate on the project. We even handle the Click Before You Dig, so you don't have to worry about anything.

2. Fast install

Schedule an install date, and our professional crew will show up on time. Helical piles can often be installed in just a few hours, and we finish by laser-leveling each pile. Our crews use landscape matting and minimal equipment, leaving no damage to the jobsite.

3. Guaranteed

We offer coverage against deterioration or heaving on deck projects by our 7-Year Performance Guarantee.(conditions apply)

Rest easy, knowing your project is sitting firm on a proven foundation.