St. Mary's Nursery

Client: St. Mary's Nursery
Location: Winnipeg, MB

In 2017 we were tasked with installing 24 helical piles for a commercial greenhouse in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Considering that greenhouses are relatively light structures for their size, helical piles made for a great foundational choice. Since greenhouses are so light they do not have the weight required to make a concrete foundation an effective solution. When moisture in the ground freezes, it causes expansion, Manitoba has soil that's highly prone to expansion, so the frost-induced expansion places an incredible amount of force on a foundation. If a concrete foundation doesn't have enough weight on it, then frost will cause the foundation to heave. Furthermore, greenhouses create humid environments, unlike concrete, helical piles are not porous, meaning moisture will not affect the structural integrity of a building built on helical piles. Topped off with a clean installation that left the natural environment intact, all of these factors made the project a huge success.



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