15 Panel Solar Grid

Client: BASI Solar/Evolve Green
Location: St Andrews, Manitoba

In an effort to Think Green, Evolve Green, a Manitoba based expert in solar energy approached us to install a solid foundation that could be removed, reused or recycled. Not only was the result an eco-friendly solution, it also saved time and money vs. the concrete alternative which required curing and a massive base that could not be easily removed.

Given the sheer size of the 15 grid Solar panel, our solution was to install a substantial 8-5/8' diameter shaft screw pile which provided a rock solid foundation for the panel. The Solar Panel itself was installed next to BASI Research in St. Andrews, MB. This was Canada's first off-grid airport hanger and the goal of the research centre was to create hydrogen for airships. Unfortunately, a tornado would later destroy the research centre, amazingly the Solar Panel remained intact and the Helical pile held it securely in place throughout the storm's duration.


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