In Canada, oil remains one of the most important industries to the success of our economy.

The majority of Canadians rely on oil and gas infrastructures to get them to and from work every day. This means that oil pipelines are important to keeping society as a whole running smoothly. It is doubly important than that pipelines are built on a solid foundation. If any section of the Pipeline were compromised it could slow down distribution and this would have serious consequences for a number of Canadians. This makes helical piles an outstanding choice for oil pipeline projects. Since the ground conditions across Canada can be so variable, concrete and other traditional foundations, which can shift or crack over time, are not a viable solution for a project of this magnitude. Helical piles are not prone to shifting as they are installed beneath the frost layer. Additionally, helical piles are easily removable. If plans change or a section needs to be rerouted, helical piles can be uninstalled and reinstalled in a new location with minimal disruption to the workflow.

Not only can helical piles be installed quickly and efficiently, but they are also extremely strong.

A common misnomer about Helical piles is that they are only small foundations for things like decks or additions, this is simply not true. At VersaPile we have up to 225,000 ft LBS pound drives and pipe measuring 12 and 3 quarter inch in diameter, ensuring even the largest of projects are structurally secure. Furthermore, we have the capability to install 30-foot piles with the possibility to add extensions if need be.

To date VersaPile has worked on Oil Pipeline projects for Embridge and Frontier Petroleum. We are excited to continue our working relationship with these leaders in the oil and gas sector and welcome new partnerships with other companies.