It's a common myth that helical piles can only be used under light structures, like decks or cottages.

Truth is, that a million dollar custom home is well within the capabilities of VersaPile's experience, equipment and engineering. In fact, we can support apartment blocks and large commercial, industrial and institutional structures.

Because helical piles far exceed the performance and reliability of concrete friction piles for lightly loaded and above grade structures, they are a fantastic solution for mobile homes, modular homes, ready-to-move (RTM) homes, cottages, etc.

Are you near the river or building on a site with sloppy silt or high water table? Concrete cast-in-place (CIP) friction piles are problematic and will require sleeving or pumping which greatly increases the price. Once installed, a friction pile in these circumstances is prone to experiencing performance issues. That's why a geotechnical engineer will generally recommend an end bearing pile in problematic soils. A helical pile is a unique pile in that it can float like a friction pile, or it can be installed to a refusal strata that offers significant support. Helical piles are mechanical and be lengthened easily which allows them to be installed through and below a less than desirable strata to a depth where the soil capacity is significant and capable of supporting the design criteria. Because a helical pile is easily lengthened, you don't have to worry about getting the depth of refusal wrong like when you choose timber or precast piles.

What if I have good soil that doesn't slough? Truth is that a concrete friction / cast-in-place (CIP) pile might be easier on your budget in Winnipeg where the depth to refusal is generally 30 to 60 feet deep. However, there is a vane of shallow till that runs through St. James and Charleswood where helical piles can be cheaper. Anywhere where shallow refusal (less than 15 feet deep to till or bedrock) a helical piles is more likely to perform and satisfy the budget.

Each helical screw pile that VersaPile installs is torque-monitored and verified for capacity. Helical screw piles are installed with compact equipment that leaves minimal impact to your job site. A VersaPile installed foundation lets you start building faster than other foundations, which maximizes your profits and minimizes down time.

Getting a sub-contracted VersaPile foundation for your new home build is easy.

First, contact us and tell us about your project. Our foundation experts will quote you on the right foundation solution. After that, you schedule an install date. Our professional crews will show up on-time and take their time to properly and accurately install your helical piles. You'll be left with perfectly-leveled piles that are ready to use immediately after install!