Helical piles are great foundational options for multi-story buildings and multi-family dwellings.

With drives capable of hitting 225 K Ft LBS torque and piles with the capability to extend as needed, we have the required experience and equipment to pile large residential complexes.

Not all structures are built the same, there are a multitude of different factors that influence the choice of foundation for any given project. One factor that is sometimes overlooked in the construction of new developments is the condition of the soil in the area. For areas with bad soil conditions helical piles are a great option, unlike friction piles which are prone to heaving and jacking, helical piles are installed beneath the frost line and act like a bell pile and do not face these same issues.

Another common issue in development is building close to the water table, these areas are unsuitable for concrete piles because once the water enters the concrete solution it compromises the structural integrity of the pile. This can lead to cracks and failures once the concrete sets, rendering the foundation unsafe and dangerous. Since helical piles do not need time to cure, there is no danger in installing them close to the water table.

Sometimes plans change on site and the specifications of the job need to be modified.

In some instances, the placement of a commercial HVAC system on top of a building could mean that the foundation is no longer approved to support the weight of that section of the building. Helical piles are great in situations like these because they can be removed after installation. This is extremely helpful in large-scale projects where flexibility is required, not only does this save time but money as well. If a hiccup does occur while using a different foundation such as concrete, helicals can be placed next to the foundation to provide additional support.

Furthermore, helical piles can be installed in the winter! Given Manitoba's long, harsh winters this is especially convenient. No need to wait for the summer months, start your project any season of the year with VersaPile.