Helical piles are a great structural support option for a variety of interior renovation projects.

In areas with limited overhead clearance getting in and operating heavy machinery can be an issue. The VersaPile fleet is uniquely suited to handle these types of projects. With a range of small, medium and large pile drives, we have the machine to fit each project's specific needs.

Another advantage of helical piles is the low vibration rates during install. This is especially convenient for interior renovation projects that are isolated to one floor or room. This, combined with the minimal noise during installation means that existing structures can oftentimes still be used during restoration and retrofitting projects. This is extremely valuable to business owners as it allows them to remain open and continue to make money during the construction period.

Other foundation options create large amounts of vibration during the install process, not only does this force the building to close, high vibration rates could also create serious structural issues as the vibration rates could be so intense that they crack the existing concrete foundation.

Helical piles are perfect for mezzanines since most are constructed within pre-existing buildings.

The quick and efficient install of helical piles allows businesses to continue as usual during the construction process.

Have an upcoming interior renovation that requires a foundation? Don't disrupt the workflow, call VersaPile today to save time and money!