Urban infill developments are a steadily growing industry in Winnipeg and other major metropolitan areas across Canada.

Residential infill projects can be a great source of income as many people want to live within the city but do not want to live in an older home. Infill housing is a great solution to this because it repurposes existing space and reimagines it.

One of the issues with infill developments is oftentimes there is little space for construction to actually take place, this makes it difficult for large construction machinery to access the job site. Helical piles are a very good solution to this problem as they are installed with a drive attached to an easily maneuverable skid-steer, allowing piles to be a feasible option where other foundations are not.

The location of Urban Infill Developments can often hinder the construction process.

Since construction must occur next to older pre-existing buildings and homes, sound and vibration caused by construction can be a serious issue. If friction piles are used the vibrations caused during the installation process can be so intense that installation can cause damage to the neighbouring foundations. This can cause cracks in the existing structure and monitoring measures are very expensive. Helical screw piles are installed with very minimal vibration, the design of the Helical allows any vibration that does occur to be isolated to a very small area, meaning there is no risk to neighbouring buildings. Other foundational options often require heavy equipment that is loud and noisy, this disrupts others and can become annoying if the project falls behind schedule. The machines used to install Helical piles are designed to be much quieter, this drastically cuts down on noise and is just another reason why helical piles are a great choice for infill development.

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