VersaPile, Inc. has installed helical piles under more than 1,000 Manitoba Decks!

When it comes decks or patios, VersaPile, Inc. is Manitoba's most experienced helical pile contractor. In 2011, VersaPile started installing helical pile for light capacity projects such as decks and grew to install thousands of piles each year for DIY and professional deck builders throughout the Greater Winnipeg Area. Today, VersaPile Inc. focuses on high capacity helical piles for major home renovations, new homes, commercial structures, utility sector infrastructure, multi-family and mixed use commercial structures and more.

VersaPile no longer is offering helical piles for decks on their own but will include deck, sunroom, porch, stair or other light capacity piles when engaged on a project which also includes high capacity helical piles.

Check out our "Deck builders guide" which is a great resource for DIY deck builders.