Multi-million dollar homes deserve a foundation built to last, one that will ensure the longevity of the design for multiple generations to come.

Helical piles are a long lasting solution to many problems caused by Manitoba's tough soil conditions. Helical screw piles are installed beneath the frost line, this means they are immune to many common issues that plague more traditional foundation options such as concrete. Since helicals are installed beneath the frost line they will not shift or crack as the ground expands and contracts. Even if a home has not shifted for 20 years on concrete there is no guarantee that it will not the next year, this is due to the fact that Manitoba's ground conditions are extremely unpredictable from one season to the next. Protect your family's investment and build your home on VersaPile's engineered foundations.

Dream homes are meant to be special, the design of your home is unique to you and your family. Oftentimes the uniqueness of custom homes can present a challenge to developers, in order for the home to be structurally sound all aspects must be supported effectively. This makes helical piles a great option for custom home builds.

Helical piles come in a variety of sizes, at VersaPile we have a range of piles capable of supporting anywhere from 130,000 lbs to 4000 lbs.

This allows us to value engineer our projects and provides flexibility to developers throughout the construction process.

Get peace of mind and secure your home with VersaPile, Manitoba's largest helical pile provider. Call us today to find out if Helical piles are a fit for you!