If you've been contracted to work in cottage country, you know it's often remote, rocky, and near water.

In winter, that tough soil can damage and destroy traditional cottage foundations. A helical screw pile foundation is the easier, faster, more durable foundation that can be installed almost anywhere with minimal equipment. Designed for the toughest soil conditions, VersaPile, Inc. leverages local expertise to select helical pile foundations that out-perform traditional foundations while usually being more cost-effective to install.

Getting a subcontracted VersaPile installed helical pile foundation for your cottage project is easy.

First, contact us and tell us about your project. Our friendly foundation experts will quote you on the perfect foundation solution. After that, you schedule an install date. Our professional crews will show up on-time, mark where the piles need to go, and install them. In most cases, your foundation is ready to go in just a couple hours.