VersaPile's helical screw pile foundations are perfectly suited to support all types of wireless or communications towers

As technology becomes more advanced, the need for a reliable, high speed communication service has gone from luxury to necessity. Many rural communities across Manitoba and NW Ontario are currently in the process of enhancing their communication networks with wireless construction projects. VersaPile's helical screw pile foundations are perfectly suited to support all types of communication towers, from 5G cell towers to microwave towers or radio towers, we design and install foundations that will last.

In many situations, private farmland must be leased to install communications towers in order to provide coverage to rural areas. In these situations, it is much easier to convince a landowner to lease a portion of their property for a communications tower if they know it will be installed on a base supported by helical piles as opposed to concrete. The reason being, helical piles offer full remediation at the end of the contract, meaning when it is time for the tower to be removed the effect on the surrounding landscape will be minimal. With virtually no disruption to the natural environment, helical piles are a safe and logical option for all parties involved. A more traditional foundation such as concrete is nearly impossible to fully remove. When it comes time to take down a communications tower built on concrete, removal is messy, long and often results in significant environmental disruption. Landowners are much more likely to approve a communications tower being built on their property if it is built on helical piles.

Another major benefit of using VersaPile for your communications tower is that we are a one-stop shop.

VersaPile can provide the piles, all the necessary caps and steel grillage to support your structure, this means no complicated job sites with 4 or 5 different contractors. Not only does this cut down on the headaches it also cuts costs as well.

Are you building a wireless construction project, cell tower or radio tower? Trust Manitoba's largest helical pile contractor VersaPile to get the job done right. Request your free quote today!