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As Manitoba's largest helical pile installers, we have the tools and expertise necessary to handle all commercial and industrial projects. With custom piles suited to your specific project's need, even the toughest jobs are stress-free.

Secure your structure with VersaPile!

We have completed many commercial/industrial projects for our clients. Versapile continues to innovate, providing premium long-lasting foundations for a variety of different structures, including but not limited to;

  • Industrial agricultural equipment(Grain hopper bins, grain towers, grain bins, etc.)
  • Communication towers
  • Hydro towers
  • Green houses
  • Multi-family structures
  • High-rise buildings
  • Shopping centres
  • Hospitals
  • Pipeline projects
  • Retrofitting
  • Renewable energy structures
  • And everything in between!

Who we work with

We work with engineers, architects, general contractors and many other commercial and industrial customers.

VersaPile provides engineered solutions and uses a network of local and national engineers with expertise in helical piles. Geotechnical engineers help recommend piles to suit the soils while structural engineers review and seal our designs.

Some helical pile contractors bypass or avoid geotechnical engineering, relying on torques. VersaPile is not a typical helical pile contractor, based on our experience and load testing piles, we put a high value on geotechnical engineering. We design piles using 3 to 4 geotechnical models depending on soil conditions. Site specific soils data puts torque readings into perspective and position torque as a reliable quality control method.

We always welcome engineers on-site to supervise installations or on-site confirmatory load tests; transparency breeds trust.

Innovative design

What are helical piles?

Pile caps and adapters

A wide range of pile adapters and caps are available to fit most common foundation configurations. We can also create custom pile adapters to fit your requirements! From wood posts and beams to concrete gradebeams or insulated concrete forms (ICF), a helical pile can support and secure to any structure, making them a versatile foundation.

Pile shaft

VersaPile, Inc. offers round shaft helical piles. To date, we have not found a project that would benefit from a square shaft pile. All pile shafts consist of new steel which conforms to the CSA's general requirements for rolled or welded structural quality steel.

Postech Screw Piles, a brand we love to install, features a unique insulated shaft that offers additional resistance to frost heave.

In Manitoba, we prefer a 10ft shaft to ensure the helical is anchored well below our up to 8ft frost line.

Helical blade

The helical is what provides the incredible weight-capacity of a helical pile. Because every helical pile we install satisfies design criteria for generally accepted, universal principles for helical pile design and installation, we can install helical piles to perform like no other foundation can. All helical blades should have a perfectly controlled pitch and leading and trailing edges parallel to one another.

Efficient installation

How are helical piles installed?

Today, helical piles are installed with a wide range of hydraulic equipment. Light capacity helical piles are installed with portable hydraulic torsion bars or towers, mini-skid steers, skid steers, mini excavators, midi excavators, and utility sector style auger trucks (Digger Derricks). High capacity helical piles are installed primarily with 15 tonne or larger excavators but sometimes with modified drill rigs or custom equipment.

The machine chosen should be appropriate for the anchor drive which will turn the pile in the ground. The swing resistance, auxiliary hydraulic flow and pressure, reach, break-out force and downward axial force will all play a role in ensuring a helical pile is properly installed. High capacity helical piles are generally installed to refusal, a machine like a skid steer will not have the downward axial force for the helical pile to bite into hard layers like till - soft till is particularly difficult to penetrate without an appropriately sized machine.

Faster, easier and no mess

Professional install of helical piles for just about any foundation requirement.

There are numerous advantages to choosing a helical pile for any of your commercial and industrial needs. Below is a video slideshow of some of the different ways our customers have used helical piles.

A better option

Benefits of helical piles

Helical piles are growing in popularity in an exponential manner due to the many advantages they offer. In short, helical piles are a very versatile deep foundation and this versatility results in a long list of benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Efficient installation of approximately 30 seconds per lineal foot of pile on a typical project site;
  • Ability to instantly load the piles - no curing or heating and hoarding in the winter;
  • They are clean - there is no predrilling or tailings/spoils, the pile is simply turned into the ground;
  • Easily remediate the project site - helical piles can be easily uninstalled, reused or recycled;
  • Quiet and low vibration installation will not disrupt neighbours or wildlife;
  • Installation with small nimble equipment than traditional piles means savings on mobilization and easier accessibility of problematic project sites;
  • helical piles are fast and cost-efficient to extend - instead of exponentially higher costs to go deeper, helical piles are proportionally more
  • expensive and easily bolted or welded to a lead section to keep timelines on the rails;
  • Ability to pass through saturated, sloppy and sloughing soils layers without issue - never a need to sleeve or dewater;
  • Superior resistance to frost heave (adfreeze);
  • Work well in tension and compression;
  • May be designed as a floating pile or installed to refusal as an end bearing pile;
  • Can be galvanized, made thicker or have anode systems added to increase the life of the piles by centuries;
  • Modified in the field to suit unforeseen site conditions (example: a helical can be made smaller in diameter if soils are more dense than predicted);
  • Various installation methods and equipment make it possible to install helical piles under existing structures or in very limited access locations;
  • Light weight and easy to transport;
  • A wide range of pile caps and transitions can be engineered for helical piles to support nearly any beam or structural element;
  • Ability to install through frost for efficient winter building;
  • Empirical relationship between installation torque and capacity mean predictable performance;
  • The ability to uninstall a pile means you can relocate a pile which meets an obstruction like a boulder vs abandoning it;
  • The ability to change many design aspects often results in a value engineered pile that is effective as well as efficient;
  • Installation on a batter to combat high lateral forces or to combine pile groupings in a tight space; and
  • Other advantages not listed.

Taking care of our customers

Our team at VersaPile makes you priority number one from start to finish. Work with us to install helical piles for your project and you'll get:

  • Expert Installers that show up on time and ready to work
  • Torque monitored piling report for verified capacity on install
  • The equipment and expertise to suit the needs of your job, with drives up to 225 K Ft-LBS torque and smaller equipment for interior retrofitting, we guarantee your structure will be strong and secure for decades to come
  • A foundation as strong as concrete without any of the mess
  • Fast and efficient installs
  • An engineer-approved foundation that meets all codes
  • A dedicated team of professionals assisting you throughout the entire process

What if the plan needs to be changed?

We know projects can sometimes have hiccups and that unforeseen issues can come up on the job site. In situations like these Versapile will always provide steady communication and remain transparent throughout the entire process. Check out our project gallery to see some of the past challenges we have been able to overcome!

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